About Our Product

STONECOTE is an excellent option for skirting a manufactured home. STONECOTE is durable and will last much longer than standard skirting. It provides a high insulation value that translates to lower utility costs; protection to water pipes and adds life to your heating and cooling system. STONECOTE will not rot, warp or crack and stands up to high winds and weed eaters.

Manufactured with two inch polystyrene and covered with a hard masonry facing. A sheet of fiberglass mesh is installed between the layers of masonry to give our product extra strength and durability. STONECOTE comes in three patterns which are rock, brick and Austin cut stone. STONECOTE and related trim can be purchased in various colors to color coordinate with the home. STONECOTE gives the manufactured home the appearance of a conventional home.

The panels can be buried four inches deep in the ground to help keep animals and rodents from getting under the home. A metal colored top rail fits over the top of each panel and is attached directly to the side of the home providing strength and durability. Panels are attached with rust resistant 10 X 4 round washer head square recess screws. The top of the panels and the trim are then sealed with 100% silicone caulk to provide a water tight barrier. Colored metal corners are installed on each corner of the home to provide a tight enclosure. Metal colored vents are installed every sixteen feet to sufficient cross ventilation. An access door of sufficient size is installed to allow access under the home for repairs.

By far we have the best skirting on the market...